Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What To Do During An NHL Lockout


 While the NHL and NHLPA argue, talk, and discuss, the next CBA for the next few seasons fans, writers and well fans, wait for news on whether there will be a season or not while putting their opinions in. With NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman stating that if there is no agreement by the September 1st deadline the season will be locked out for the third time. So as I and many others predict the start of another lockout I am here to list out what exactly there is to do with no NHL hockey )even though Canada lives and breathes it). So here I go.

1. Watch Some Other Form of Hockey

The NHL is not the only existing hockey league out there. It may be the most popular and most commonly known but it is not the only one. For starters there is the Canadian Hockey League, the premier of junior talent is shown as prospects and drafted hopefuls show off their talents in front of scouts, coaches, General Managers, you name it. There are high scoring games most nights exiting finishes and most of all you get to see how well your teams' prospects are doing. The Western Hockey League gets under way September 20th when the WHL champions Edmonton Oil Kings host the Kootenay Ice. The Ontario Hockey League opens up September 20th as the Erie Otters take on the Niagara Ice Dogs. Finally the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League opens up September 20th as the Acadie-Bathurst Titans take on the Saint John Sea dogs. The season is almost under way so you can get your hockey fix quickly if a lockout is to happen.

If you are looking for some early hockey check no further than the KHL otherwise known as the Kontinental Hockey League ( or as I call it the NHL drop off league). While you may need to search the web for most games the different style of hockey with former disgruntled NHLers provided some fun and seeing talents like Alexander Radulov should be worth some time. It’s not like European hockey is a scarce for NHL players. Last lockout most players took the trip to Europe to play overseas. Some struggled, some showed their talents but overall they found a place to play so you never know who you are going to be watching.

One final league you could check out is the American Hockey League (AHL). It is the farm league of the NHL, yet not as popular as the CHL or KHL the AHL offers its times of excitement and tons of NHL players had stepped through these ropes on their way to success. Drafted youngsters are there to develop and show off their talents so they can make the big club.  In case you need any proof of the crazy stuff that goes on in the AHL check out the video below, crazy.

2. Play Some Good Ole NHL 13
No hockey video game better resembles the game of ice puck more than EA Sports NHLs series, and they continue to impress with soon to be released NHL 13. This is the newest addition to the award winning franchise that includes online General Manager Mode. Which pretty much means you run a team like a GM would do but it’s online and I assume you take on challengers from around the world. You can also take the mode apparently on the go so you can pretend to be big shot Tony General Manager. One of its most proud updates with NHL 13 is its new Hockey IQ which basically means the computer will be better, faster, stronger, and defense will make better plays so you don’t find yourself giving away brake a ways all game. The game really is trying to look as real as a NHL game as possible so you can try making it as close as to real as you can.
With NHL 13 you can put those depressing lockout days to rest and make a season of your own or maybe build a hockey star and follow the paths of your favorites, or play exhibitions for all I care, just Play.

3. Start Watching Other Sports.
Unless you are a hockey only kind of person then watching other sports is not going to increase the no hockey pain if anything it will distract you and hopefully make you forget about the dreadful time.  The National Football League or the NFL for short just kicked off its pre-season action and after a short lockout of its own it is looking pretty good and some fun games have taken place. Story lines have begun whether it is the New York Jets and their quarterback controversy or the Eagles and their situations whether it is pre-season or regular season the NFL always has stories to follow and players to keep a watch on. The regular season kicks off September 5th with the Dallas Cowboys facing the Super Bowl champs New York Giants on NBC. So you don’t have to wait long for another sport to start to get your mind going.

Major League Baseball is almost at the post-season mark and has provided many stories and games that fill out the summer nicely. Players have been howling what they have while some have disappointed. The weather has been dry so far this summer so it always provides a day to enjoy a beer and dog in the sun and Post-Season baseball is the best kind of baseball so you best get tickets or get near a TV for some great excitement Unless your team is like the Blue Jays and suck then I guess go to Yankee Stadium or something in October. Nevertheless Baseball provides drama and a good way to spend your remaining MLB days.

So if the NHL and Players don’t come to a CBA agreement I have a list that hopefully shows you what exactly you can do to maybe not completely forget about a lost season but not feel too bad about it. From CHL hockey to NFL football there is always going to be sports on even if it is not the National Hockey League so quit bickering and do the things on my list, or don’t I don’t care just don’t be sitting in a corner rocking back and forth. I do hope NHL is back on but I won’t be depressed about it, and neither should you.

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