Tuesday, 21 August 2012

John Wall Shuts Up High School Kid.

As I was searching YouTube as I do regularly i came across a video titled "John Wall Shuts Up High School Kid". At first I thought well this is just some charity one on one game that young Wall decided to play, but then as I continued to watch I found something interesting as the young and confident high school student known as  Tyrek Coger seems that he knows that Wall can't beat him. He quotes by saying "I swear to God I'll put my shoes on and it'll be over." He then to proceed saying that he scored on Wall once to then Wall replies with "yea you scored one time to my twenty" and proceeds to knock down a jumper. 

This game was taken place at a recent Reebok Breakout Challenge i assume was held by said John Wall. Now I don't know if Tyrek was trying on defense or not but even to an easy breezy Wall it seemed lacking. The ending is quite funny with input from fellow ballers, but I am not going to spoil it.

What I like most about this video is at the begging when Wall flat out said " you stink" which I thought was pretty cool considering what was going to happen. It is also good to see that Wall is in tip top shape heading into a 82 game NBA season, I really hope he does well.

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