Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alex Semin signs one year 7 million deal With Carolina

  The Carolina Hurricanes decided to make another big splash by singing Russian forward Alexander Semin to a one year 7 million deal (that is a lot of money for one year). The news came first from Yahoo's Puck Daddy contributor Dmitry Chesnokov who tweeted the singing out about an hour ago. This certainly came as a surprise to most seeing Carolina was done with moves after getting Jordan Stall from Pittsburgh and paying a lot for him.

Peoples reaction from twitter anyways was "what? how could you pay 7 million for him?", while i see why they would be confused this singing is a great move by the Canes. It gives a very talented offensive player a fresh start with some sick line mates to choose from (either Eric or Jordan Stall, it gets him out of a bad situation in Washington, and hopefully he will get a hell of a lot more ice time than he did with the Caps.

Despite a down year with the Caps, Semin has shown again that he can put the puck in the net despite people saying "he does not try, he is lazy" (which to me is absolute garbage to say about an NHL player) I see Semin thriving especially having the chance to play with a young core like Jeff Skinner, Jordan Staal, and Jussi Jokinien.

Carolina is going to be a ton of fun to watch and they have made themselves serious playoff contenders (that is if there is a season). I really hope Semin does well because nothing I like more than to see haters being shut down. I also find it funny how easily Mike Green got off the hook when Semin was there, if anything Mike Green was just as bad. Goes to show you should judge the players around one before you start to judge Alex Semin. He is a great young talent that will help Carolina finally have a positive season since their cup win.

Stay Classy.

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