Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rick Nash? No thank you.

While friends Zach Parise and Ryan Suter make millions, millions,and millions one player that has wanted out (can you blame him its Columbus) is Jackets forward Rick Nash. The two time 40 goal scorer has voiced out saying that he wants a change out of Columbus. So far 5 teams have shown interest, The Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, (no surprise they tend to go after everyone) Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins , and the San Jose Sharks. I am writing to let you know why Rick Nash really is not worth the trouble and the players.

Firstly he has not gotten any better as he gained more experience as a player. From 41 goals to 30, his plus minus getting lower,  and his point production getting lower are you really going to possibly trade a future cornerstone or draft pick for a dude who is suppose  to be in his prime and soaring, instead is decline and not getting any better? I wouldn't especially not with that enormous 7.8 Million dollar cap hit contract yikes.

Secondly He does not seem to have that leadership step in him.He went 7 games without points and has had minus in those games so consistency is lacking and for a player who is payed like he his and how much hype Rick Nash gets this is concerning and worth a look through before saying he would be a good fit.

Finally  During the Blue Jackets short and i do mean short playoff stint Nash has only managed a goal and 2 assists while getting hit with a minus 4 rating. Now i know that the Jackets are not a good team whatsoever and Nash had little or no support while in Columbus during his playoff run However, only averaging one goal for the whole series is not what you would hope for for Nash. If you are a top contending team like Philly or Boston not having Nash perform in the playoffs is a concern when you expect him to help lead your team through the cup finals.

Rick Nash will eventually get dealt, i mean can anyone stand Columbus for their entire career? i doubt it, i couldn't that's for sure. Just make sure you are not the one acquiring him because a player like this could hurt Your team in the short and long term. Some of those prospects could turn out to be important even to a team like Columbus. The cap hit is huge and if you are the team that acquires him be very very cautious of what you give up because with a player like Nash the risk is far more higher than the reward, but hey for what it is worth, he did score a pretty cool goal once that you can see above.

Stay classy folks.

James Gleason (@jaysgleason)

P.S. he also was the cover athlete for nhl 2k9 so yeah there is that.

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