Thursday, 23 February 2012

How the answer has become the question the fall of Allen Iverson

Practice? Practice? remember that guy once was one of the most popular and arguably the most controversial NBA Baller was for many a Role Model, an inspiration for young basketball talents aspiring to one day make it into the bigs. He had the confidence the swagger the out spoken voice oh and he was a pretty god darn good basketball player. Drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers out of Georgetown University Iverson felt at home being drafted by the sixers and it showed, Iverson averaged close to 30 points per game in his first 4 seasons in the League receiving the Rookie of The Year award in 1997 and being picked to the All NBA Rookie First Team. 2 years later was selected in All NBA first team and led the League with 26.6 ppg average. selected to his first All Star Game in 2001 and won ASG MVP in 2001 and 2005, Iverson also  won the MVP in 2001.

Iverson did not hesitate to Leave his mark on the NBA when he first entered. he was such an inspiration and such a big importance to the NBA Reebok took the chance to sign him and some might say he made Reebok a basketball importance again giving the nickname the Answer because of his scoring touch having come out with multiple shoes and clothes even coming with the Reebok slogan I am what I am. Some say this dude was the Gangster of the NBA back then, but his playoff failures and short-comings and selfishness to take too many shots certainly gave a different side of Iverson Media gave criticism for not coming up in the clutch despite making the 2001 NBA finals, Iverson came up short  against the Dynasty LA Lakers.

After some successful seasons with the Sixers stats wise where he averaged 31 points per game two straight years and one season where he averaged 33.4 points per game, what some would consider a blockbuster trade back then the Sixers sent AI to the Denver Nuggets for Andre Miller and Joe Smith. a trade that would certainly turn heads. It was a disappointing season for the Nuggets who were with without there other star then Nugget Carmelo Anthony because of injuries and suspensions Iverson carried the team but fell short in the Western Conference first round against the Clippers in a near sweep. After just one season in Denver the Nuggets sent Iverson back to Philly  (odd because AI demanded out of Philly) where he again averaged a 30 point season but fell short to finish a whole season in Philly as he left back to Denver to play a season and 3 games as he was quickly dealt to Detroit for Chauncey Billiups in which some thought was an odd and Denver won kind of trade. he went from Detroit to Philly to Memphis where he finished with a career low 12.3 points per game after just 3 games before calling it quits in the NBA.
This free-fall from Grace was unexpected to say the least certainly one that no one especially me would see coming. From a superstar, rule changing renegade ( he even caused David Stern to change the dress code from street to "business")  to a player in a Turkish league who even would try the D-Leauge if it meant getting back to the NBA. As a fan of him i really hope somehow he returns cause like he said himself "i just want to play ball that's all.

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