Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tracy McGrady rises and falls a look in the carrer of T-Mac

At number 9 first round of the 1997 NBA draft the Toronto Raptors select Tracy Mcgrady. Yep that T-mac that people see now chilling on the Atlanta Bench getting 10 points if getting any playing time. A multi time All star. a no doubter when it came to scoring ability and overall talent was visible to plenty but a legacy of injuries and playoff struggles have affected T-mac all for the wrong ways as he now has been with the knicks, pistons and now Hawks after seeming to be the franchise player and one half of the what was hoped to be the one two punch in Houston with injury prone Yao Ming. His best years were arguably in Orlando where he averaged close to 30 points every season he was there playing his best ball in his career. but like today Orlando Magic despite there star player working his butt of they were not winning games forcing Tracy to see newer heights in Houston in what was considered a blockbuster deal sending Steve Francis (remember him) to Orlando since that trade i have not heard anything bout "Steve Franchise" but that dude is a whole other topic. Tracy then led Houston to three straight NBA finals however what i find shocking is that T-mac has never made it past the first round of the postseason loosing in all attempts (thanks Vince Carter) if there was anything this player was criticized for it was his playoff failure whether it be from injury or lack of clutch performances. I'm sure this player would be in higher grounds if he just got past that one round. It is really a shame that a man this talented had this hard of a downfall. In my opinion he has copied his cousins Vince carters career in nearly every footstep. from highlights and stardom to now minimal role play off the bench. Despite his recent downfall he will always be one of my favorite players that i had the privilege to watch when he was draining 3s and dunking on seven footers, and i am happy for him that he continues to ball cause hes damn good.

OH that 7 footer dunk i was talking bout here it is

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