Sunday, 1 January 2012

top 10 stories of 2011

Here we are the end of yet another memorable year in sports. as we enter another year in 2012 we leave a year in 2011. lots of stories have erupted in this timeline here are my top 10 sport stories as i seem them.

10. The Saint Louis Cardinals winning the World Series.
October 28th 2011 under the dark nervous bright lights of Busch Stadium infront of both Cardinal and Rangers fans the Cardinals being down to there last strike in game 6. ralled back to defeat the Texas Rangers in game seven all thanks to a David Freese home run in the bottom of the 9th in game six, won Baseballs most coveted prize the World Series trophy.  what was as special as how the Cardinals won is how they managed to get into the postseason.  at some point in the crazy MLB season the Cards managed to be at the bottom of the NL Central or near. but thanks to there mega star and Former Cardinal Albert Puljos managed to crawl back to the top of the standings after having to beat Houston and have the Braves loose to the Phildalphia Phillies. A dramatic turn of events the Phillies beat the Braves sending the Cards to the postseason. and eventually to the Holy Grail.

9. Peyton Manning career in jeopardy
what was one of the most surprising and unfortunate events in sports Indianapolis Colts Quarterback and franchise player Peyton Manning went down and suffered a season ending Neck injury that forced him to have surgery and miss the entire 2011 season. before this injury Peyton Manning had a consecutive streak of 227 starts before he was hurt, second to the incomparable Brett Favre  which had 321 consecutive starts. as much as football was impacted by this no team had this hurt more than Peytons Colts. they are now 2-13 and off to there worse start since Peyton took over as QB. not only is Peytons future with the Colts in jeopardy but his future in football is also deeply impacted. time will tell is the only real answer.