Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Crosby leaves no rust in return to hockey

320 days that's how long the not just the NHL but the Hockey world went on without the man, the face of the game, the awe inspiring Sidney Crosby. it was January 1st new years day when the historic and somewhat debatable winter classic took part in beautiful Heinz Field in Pittsburgh when Sidney Crosby took a blindside hit from the former Washington  Capital David Stekel. before this hit took place Crosby was on a multi point per game streak, one could argue his best career statistically yet. as soon as this hit took place every hockey fan or general sports fan stood still and held there collective breaths as "Sid The Kid' lay dazed and definitely surprised on the ice after that David Stekel hit. Never before has Crosby been  out of action this long and never has he had to face this serious of an injury (don't believe me just check out my first post on head shots). Never had the NHL or the game of hockey had this much panic this much worry in them, there were talks of even Sidney Crosby retiring, so much to the point where Sid himself had to reach out to the media to confirm that retirement was out of the question. What was even more shocking is how little the Pittsburgh staff took notice and how little they took caution to this occurrence.  it even took a second hit to the head of Crosby from Tamapa Defenceman Victor Headman to really get the Penguins organization to take notice to the injured Sidney Crosby