Wednesday, 19 October 2011

2011 Major Leauge Baseball world series preview

Its that time of year again. the fall classic is upon us. the world series is just around the corner and it features an unlikely match-up between the American League champions Texas Rangers and the National League St. Louis Cardinals.
The Rangers got to this point by defeating the surging Tampa Bay Rays in the American League divisional series, than with the help of a hot Nelson Cruz bat just got by the impressive Detroit Tigers in 6 games in the American League Championship series. Nelson Cruz who was on fire for all of the post season, posted six home runs and 13 Runs Batted Ins, to not only set a MLB Postseason record, but deserving himself of the MVP honor of that series, also having a franchise record 96 wins in the very lengthy and determined regular season sure doesn't hurt the very impressive Texas Rangers.

As for the National Leagues St Louis Cardinals, it has been a whirlwind of a season to say the least it all started when pending big name free agent and all star first baseman Albert Pujlos  when he claimed during the summer that he would not choose to renew his contract with the Aforementioned Cardinals. with the media doing its job it got all over this certain topic and presented it anyway they could, whether it be positive or negative they definitely voiced there opinions. The Cards fought back from Near the basement of the NL central and it looked like the Atlanta Braves were running away with the NL central. but after the all Star Break. The Cards beat the Houston Astros and watched as the Phillies took care of the Braves sending the Cards to the Postseason. They then went on to beat and "upset" the then World Series odds on favorite Philadelphia Phillies in a best of 5 series to face the young and confident Milwaukee Brewers and defeat them in a hitting and home run show that saw both clubs use there bullpen more often that not. they defeated the  Brewers in 6 games to move on to the World Series with local boy David Frees taking home NCLS MVP honors.