Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Toronto Raptors preview

Don't expect much from this young Toronto Raptors squad for the shortened, yet upcoming NBA Season. For Years they have been on the "rebuilding" side of running things in The Organization  ever since number 4 left for the beaches. they have struggled to find an identity, a real footprint in the NBA. They have relied on Andrea Bargnani  all of last year which weighed heavily on the young Italian. Yes he did put up the points and scored but he struggled defensively (which has been the Raptors theme for a long time) he has not been the vocal leader that most teams look for in a teammate that carries that specific load. what Andrea Needs to do at least how i see it is show more passion in the game. yell at your teammates if they screw up. show what leader you can be the more energy and fire u show the more the rest of the team will feed of it. cause right now i have no faith in Bargnani as the Raptors go to guy.  
As for the Raptors draft pick. Jonas Valanciunas  has decided to decline playing for the Raps for this season. which isin't at all a bad move. he can develop his already pretty impressive game in Europe and wait till next year.

This Year for this young squad will be exactly that. young inexperienced and a lot of lopsided losses. with that being said they will win games, but it will be the defeats and how they get defeated and how they deal with them that really makes out for this young season. Not much they can do in the front offices point of view, they have a great coach in Dwayne Casey and a very smart GM in Brain Colengelo its all about how these Raps will play on the hardwood. All i can say is lets hope for the best cause the expectations sure aren't there.

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