Saturday, 15 October 2011

nhl headshot and fighting issue

Over the past few years one major topic surrounding the National Hockey League has been head shots, or more specifically hits targeted to the head. too many times players have found a need to go after an innocent player who either has there number facing south or there in the middle of the ice watching the play and all of a sudden they are lying flat unconscious, eyes closed, or are struggling to find out exactly where they are. current NHL VP Brendan Shannahan has picked up the mess that former VP Colin Campbell left by making several early suspensions and "Video calls" to players who hit a player from behind or targeted the head in any manner. i do like the direction that Shannahan is going however i do not think it is enough to warn or get the players attention enough to stop these foolish acts.

Smaller leagues like the OHL have tweaked there system a bit by adding softer pads to there equipment so that players don't get the hard impact that they had back than with the new hard as rock shoulder pads. even European leagues have gone with the no touch icing rule, though that may kill the all exciting race to delay the icing action is it really worth risking a career or more importantly a life for one simple touch of the puck. my answer is no. the reason i say no is because because the game has changed dramatically and it has become way more faster than its been in years. id rather take a couple whistles now and then, rather than heads being face planted into the boards or a turning to receive the puck and getting rammed for it.

Another issue that has faced the NHL recently has been the historic and dramatic event that has been fighting. now as far as i can remember (and i cant remember much) fighting has been occurring in hockey specifically the NHL for a very very long time, to the falcon one punch knockouts (see downey vs boulrice) to the staged 1 to 2 minutes long fights that just ends up having a guy just fall on the ice, and the same topic of discussion has been brought up is it a safe and necessary thing in this league. but after current events that have taken place what with the don cherry incident with former enforcers in the NHL to the Aaron Asham incident. i personally feel that no fighting should not be taken away from the fastest game on earth. simply because it is the players own rightful choice on whether to trow away there gloves and ring the bell. some choose to be straight out enforcers who just go out there and pick on a specific player or target, and then there are some who do more than just tilt. my point is yes it is a brutal example of violence in hockey but hockey is a violent game and these men know what there getting into. it is fun for the fans, an energy boost for the players, and a money grabber for business so in my case fighting should stay. but hey that's just me   

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