Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sports and Social Media

In the world of sports social media has grown and been a big part of how teams, players, and sports networks interact with their fans or supporters. It’s what has created bloggers and fan journalism through the years. Especially in Twitter where fans and people like ether can praise the athlete or broadcaster or rip them apart and just by typing in their username or handle they can make sure those people hear what they say.

The Major Sports Business relies heavily on Social Networking. That’s their way of promoting their product whether it be team hats jerseys or other memorabilia. They rely on Social Media to connect to fans, players, and update whether or not players will be playing.  Social Media platforms like twitter are the most common used sites for Sports organizations the way twitter works, the information they send certainly reaches its fan base in a quick and efficient way. 

I especially like Twitter for discussing and debating topics with Sports Journalists. I communicating with some of the best in the business with just a few simple steps certainly feel like a cool experience.  

A good example of great use of social media in sports, more specifically twitter was When the Professional Hockey team known as the Los Angeles Kings took to twitter after beating one of their rivals Vancouver Canucks and said a pretty smart, funny, and true comment that said “to everyone in Canada outside of BC, You’re welcome”. Saying what is true that most if not all of Canada hates said canucks. That one comment got noticed by Sports Stations everywhere that created a buzz and a popularity surrounding the franchise that has not been seen for a long time.  This created a trend that has seen recent NHL twitter Clubs be more fun with what they right, even the leagues worst team the Blue Jackets from Columbus had fun taking shots from fans and retorting with wit. Some people have found it obnoxious I personally think it is great. Players chirp all the time on the ice so I have no problems having clubs trade blows with others and their fans.
Social Media is growing and it is not going to stop. Sports as a whole are going to embrace, use, and grow when they have a chance with social media. Email has taken over paper mail, facebook continues to grow despite its recent falls, and twitter has been a big and relevant social media site that sports have used, Interaction with athletes and broadcasters have never been as easy as this, and it is great.

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