Monday, 9 April 2012

Evolution of The Score, how a small market sports news team turned into one of the premier canadian sports networks
Yep that was what The Score used to look like, Headline Sports i did not know much about it and i am  sure some felt the same. Boy oh boy how things have changed, improved, and grown since then. Talent have left talent have entered one thing is for certain there knowledge of sports, their  dedication to work, which telling from there posts and on air work means so  much to them. The personnel are diverse in sports knowledge they not only know the hockey basketball and baseball, but Soccer and MMA. These people  take passion in expanding there sports  knowledge.
The talent on The Score are also very interactive with there fans, whether it be by twitter, email, or by comment sections on there fantastic and on key point blogs. While some may argue that they have let some great talent go the Score have grown so much that they are giving the fans the chance to tinker with there ticker, yep fans voice out the Score takes advice and tries to improve. The Score has been anything it has been a building block for now big time reporters, the likes of Elliot Friedman yes the well known CBC Hockey Night In Canada reporter once walked the halls of 370 King. Tim Macliff,
Sid Siexiero, Cabral Richards, and Steve Koulous all brought great minds and were all important pieces to this company.

This company has also brought in talent in form of fans yep, a program called Gillete Drafted have produced some fantastic talent to their program from Paul Brothers (who was the first winner) to recent winner Jackie Redmond who is now a writer and contributes to the Backhand Shelf podcast. They host Auditions all around Canada and collect 10 people to participate in a series of sports talk related challenges to see who is the next Canada  Sportscaster it has worked 3 years and it has intrigued me into hoping they do the same program again
Although  it has not only been the  way The Score got new talent blog posts by Toby Fowlow which was based on the Tim and Sid Uncut podcast brought so much work and knowledge about the podcast that the Score decided to sign him up and he is now a daily worker living the dream. His blog brought inspiration for me and others, check out for one of the blogs that have been inspired by the Score. I love the Score i have followed it since i was young and i hope by reading this post will help u get a general idea on why this place to me would be a dream to work for.

Stay Classy Canada

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